Its the strongest thing you can have

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Its the strongest thing you can have

Lesson of the day

Relationships are everything

Questions Answered

1) My challenge is getting the firefighters to work with me as I am a new Chief to them and new to the Department.

2) My #1 challenge is securing a career position

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I stopped and talked to a neighbor today that happens to be a retired firefighter from Iowa.

Our talk was brief.

He is enjoying retirement and thought he would miss the job more.

What he does miss is the relationships with the "guys".

This is a common theme in retirees.

Its the people, the crew, that makes this job great.

We forge strong bonds due to the work we do and time we spend together.

So focus on the people.

Chiefs come and go.

Titles are temporary.

Its the relationships that matter.

That is why I have started a second newsletter.

One that is for my real estate business.

This newsletter will focus on local events, restaurant reviews, recipes, local real estate news, and anything I think is valuable.


To make me more than just some "realtor" to someone new.

Its a way to share more about me, my interests, and value I can give.

If you're local and want to start receiving this newsletter CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Enjoy this weeks podcast and get out there and do some dry stretches :).

John Lovato, Jr.

Father | Husband | Firefighter |Realtor

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