John Lovato, Jr.

...patience stops problems in their tracks.

published7 months ago
1 min read

Boy what a week it has been.

It was a busy kelly week.

And I learned some valuable lessons.

I have decided to take on real estate as a side job.

So I'm learning something new which makes me uncomfortable.

It tends to also stress me out because there is not enough time in the day to learn everything.

I've been reminded on the importance of being patient. A person can only do so much.

I've learned that having this new goal has made me excited on overcoming these new obstacles.

I've been reminded on the importance of time blocking again. Ive been doing for some time but its super important now. You see we only have 24 hours in a day. So schedule your valuable time. Otherwise I could easily spend all 24 hours learning all the software and best practices. When the time is up for an activity, it is up.

So look forward to hearing more about these new obstacles in podcasts to come.

And if you know someone looking to buy/sell a home in SWFL then send them my way :)